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Sponsor your Tantric Goddess

Sponsor your Tantric Goddess:

My beloveds, because of my highly artistic and fluid nature I adore the act of flight and adventure.  I consider myself to be more of the "elemental" realm-- more air and fire than earth so my inclination is to travel to seek the quiet within. My more memorable passions have and will always be travel and the opportunities it affords me in meeting other souls like myself, other free spirits who love to "touch the sky". 

 If you feel a connection to me and are so inspired I invite you to sponsor me as your own personal priestess and I would be both honored and refreshed to be your own personal counselor,  healer,  friend and muse during our time together.  I can spend a full day with you or a complete weekend where we can share moments together and linger or languor experiencing life's rewards in each other's eyes.  My only request of you prior to making this journey with me is we share open communication prior to my visit to you and establish goals and a sense of kinship so we both feel like close friends before our initial journey begins.  I would suggest a "phone visit" with me so we can connect with one another's voice vibrations.


A phone visit is a private, uninterrupted conversation where we can laugh be silly or entertain some serious questions you may have of your Goddess before you make this choice to meet your muse.   A phone visit may be paid for in advance by a personal check or money order or credit card payment.  I would then free up an hour to chat with you allowing us to take the time to truly know you and answer your questions about my skills or my background in Tantra.  You will be investing wisely during our phone chat because this time is yours to either focus on any issues you may have or simply get to know your Goddess before making the all important decision and commitment to sponsor me.  I can also spend time teaching you some simple exercises and recommending books prior to your initial visit with me.  As your spiritual counselor and friend I would request that we not focus our conversations on anything that would offend your Goddess or be based on the lower base chakra energies.  I would wish for us to get to know each other on a far mo re intimate and personal level or we can create a lovely scenario and wish fulfillment landscape for our future gathering.  If we are connecting well with each other the fee for this phone visit will be applied to your payment for sponsoring me and you will be given a generous discount should you book your session with me in advance.  It will also be my pleasure to be your personal escort to any event or dinner engagement you may want to arrange after our tantric session has concluded.

*Sponsorship"  will involve the inclusion of one first class roundtrip plane ticket to your city and partial payment in advance for a full day of tantric healing.  I will use the advance payment to purchase my ticket and you may provide me lodging at your home or I will seek lodging near your home prior to the journey.  All of these preparations require a sense of deep trust between the two of us so you may decide to schedule a mini session at my Sacred Sanctuary here in Chicago prior to your commitment to sponsoring your goddess.  I like to consider myself to be quite Bohemian and very natural in both my style of dress and my genuine easy nature.  You are welcome to visit me in my natural habitat if you feel the need and desire to connect with your Goddess before the sponsorship takes place.



Dear Reader I found this beautiful passage defining *Namaste*

The Spirit in me meets the same Spirit in you.
I greet that place where you and I are one.
I salute the Light of God in you.
I bow to the divine in you.
I recognize that within each of us is a place where Divinity dwells, and when we are in that place, we are One.
My higher energy salutes your higher energy.

THE ABOVE is a passage quoted from Rev. Cookson.
If you would deign to take this journey with me, shed all your fears of rejection,  your inhibitions your old patterns of abuse or self doubt I would be your partner and source of light honoring your inner divinity and acknowledging your higher spirit knowing we are two-- interconnected  and children of Light from the same Source.
Goddess Diana*



Goddess Diana of Chicago


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